Boró Apartments – Regulations

Boró Apartments – Regulations

  1. Check-in, Check-out
  • The main condition of occupying the accomodation is to prove your identity to the staff in accordance with the requirements.
  • The Guest may occupy the Accomodation from 2 PM.
  • If the Guest does not arrive until 6 PM, and does not provide information of a late check-in, the Accomodation may hold reservation until 10 AM on the next day, and is allowed to utilize it afterwards. In that case, the advance will not be returned.
  • Upon previous agreement, a late check-in is optional, please contact our staff!
  • On the day of departure, the Guests are to leave the apartment until 10 AM.
  • An early check-in or late check-out is available, based on occupancy and previous agreement. For further information please contact us!
  • In case of early check-in, the accomodation can be occupied from 8AM on the day of arrival, which costs 3000HUF/person/occasion. The Guests are able use the discounts and the free bath entry on that day as well!
  • If the Guest does not leave the accomodation until 10 AM on the day of departure, and did not ask for a late check-out, the Accomodation may bill extra day fee, but they are not bound to provide accomodation any further.



  1. Discounts for children
  • For any children, under the age of 6, the accomodation is free-of-charge, plus we can arrange childbed or a feeding chair free, upon previous agreement.


  1. Services

Basic Services

  • Bedding and towels for our Guests

We await our Guests with a clean set of bedding and towels. Bedding is changed every week, and the towels are changed every 3 days, in case of longer stays.

  • Cleaning

We provide our Guests a basic cleaning service (sweeping, swilling). The bins are emptied every day, as well as new rolls of toilet paper are given by the cleaning staff. If needed, extra cleaning is available, as well as new sets of bedding/towels, coming with an extra fee.

  • WIFI, LED TV with several channels

For our Guests, we provide free wireless internet connection, and numerous TV channels. We cannot guarantee the highest bandwidth for all of our guests, and the Accomodation is responsible for any possible service outages.


  • Thermal Bath and Spa

In our prices, the entry fee is included to the neighboring Thermal Bath and Spa, for the duration of the Guests’ stay. The service is only available during the business hours of the Bath (9:00-20:00, pool closing: 19:00). On the day of departure, this service is not available. For the free entry, all the Guests have to do is ask for a wristband at our reception during business hours (Monday-Wednesday-Friday: 8:00-18:00, Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday-Sunday: 8:00-17:00). The Guests must show their wristband at the counter of the Bath. After the open hours of the Bath, entering its area and using the pools is strictly prohibited! According to our regulations, not following these regulations may cause contract cancellation.


  • Baby Bed, feeding chair

We can provide a baby bed or a feeding chair for our Guests, if needed, after consultation with the staff.

  • Friendly, closed yard

In our closed backyard, a summer house gives a friendly environment for a calm, relaxing time underneath the shade of the surrounding trees, right next to the fountain. In the summer house, a set of outdoor furniture, a cooking corner, and different leisurement tools ensure the relaxation.


  • Would you like to recharge your car?

If you came to our town by your electric car, you can recharge its batteries at the recharge station set up right next to Boró.



Discounts for our Guests


The Guests of Boró Apartman receive different discounts for several services. For further information, please visit the reception.



Additional Services


  • Bike Rental

Well-equipped bikes are available for rent, for children and adults as well. The rental fee for an adult bike is 2000HUF/piece/day, and the children bikes are for 1500HUF/piece/day. Please let us know in advance, if you need any bicycles.

  • Extra cleaning

If the Guest needs an extra cleaning, it comes with a 1000HUF/occasion.

  • Extra Towel change

If requested, we can provide extra towels, for 500HUF/piece/occasion.

  • Extra Bedding change

If requested, extra bedding change is available, for 1000HUF/set/occasion.

  • Early check-in or late check-out?

If the Guest wants to check in earlier, it is possible from 8 AM on the day of arrival, and the late check-out is also possible, until 6 PM, on the day of departure. Either service comes with a 3000HUF/person/occasion fee. This way, the Guests can live with the different discounts earlier in case of early check-in, or expand the time for using these discounts on the day of departure, if the late check-out option was used.


  1. Payment
  • The total bill will be reduced by the amount of advance paid by the Guest. The Guest must pay the remaining balance right before departure. The Guest will receive the total bill, along with the bill of the advance, which is created when the Accomodation received the advance.
  • For those who are included in 1 reservation, we can only create 1 total bill. If another bill is required, we can only create it for another reservation for the requester.
  • At the Accomodation, we accept credit/debit cards (with POS terminal, Card Present transactions are acceptable). We also accept cash (HUF only!), of which the Guest will get a HUF-based bill.
  • In case of Credit/Debit Card payment, the Accomodation is authorized to identify the card holder.
  • The Tourist Tax – 450HUF/night/person – has to be paid on the spot, by either cash (HUF) or Credit/Debit Card.
  • If the Guest does not pay the total bill, the Accomodation is authorized to foreclose the personal valuables the Guest brought to the Accomodation.


  1. Accomodation Guarantee
  • As it can be read on any accomodation websites, in case of overreservation, the Accomodation must ensure the Guest’s accomodation in the same, or a higher price-range. In that case, follow-up recompensation is not available, and the additional costs are on the Accomodation in every case.


  1. Guest complaint, observation
  • Please signal your complaints or observations in each case, either in the Guestbook, which can be found at the Reception, or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • We will investigate every written complaint, and take the necessary steps to stop the source of complaints.
  • Please return the satisfaction questionnaire that you receive upon check-in, before your departure. Please let our staff know about your observation or suggestions.
  • The Accomodation is not responsible for outages of utility, WIFI, or cable TV service.


  1. Bicycle rental information
  • We can provide bicycle renting for our Guests only.
  • The bicycles must be returned in a clean, dry state, upon the end of the rental period.
  • The daily rental fee is in effect until 9 AM the next morning, the rented bicycles should be returned until that time.
  • We can offer children and adult bicycles.
  • The re-rent of the bicycles are available during the reception’s business hours (8AM-5PM, every day), after the previous rental period expires.
  • Forehand renting is available, but since our stock is limited, please collate the number of bicycles needed, as well as the size of the bicycles, in advance.
  • The rental fee is included in the total bill, which is to be paid before departure.
  • If the bicycle is damaged, or is returned incomplete, the Guest must compensate the price of repairment, as well as the price of the missing or damaged component.
  • Anyone underaged can only rent bicycle by the presence of an adult.
  • We can provide tools of safe bicycle traffic for our Guests, such as prisms, lights (2 pcs), bell, safety vests.
  • We can guarantee the following items for a safe journey: lock for each bicycle, tire repairing tools, pump.
  • Our bike maps show the bike ways of the surroundings, these are available at our reception.
  • Adult bicycle rental fee: 2000HUF/day
  • Children bicycle rental fee: 1500HUF/day


  1. Regulations regarding safety, hygiene and equal opportunities
  • Please contact us, if anyone is restricted in his/her movement, so we can arrange the reservation on the ground floor.
  • Reservation and lodging is only possible if the reservation contains at least one person above 18 years of age.
  • For the damages caused by any guest under 18 years, their parents or the adult aged person is responsible.
  • In the area of the Accomodation, people under 18 years of age, cannot drink or smoke, not even in the designated smoking area.
  • The Accomodation does not take responsibility for any valuable left at the Accomodation – with exception for those items, that were handed over for safeguarding at the reception.
  • There is a possibility, to hand over personal valuables at the reception, in a sealed envelope with the Guest’s name on it, placed inside a safe deposit box. Please indicate your need of safekeeping to our staff!
  • Across the area of the Accomodation, 11 security cameras were installed, watching the public places of the Accomodation, for the safety of our Guests and our staff.
  • Our reception closes 5PM every day. Please use the gate next to the Bath’s entrance.
  • The Guest’s responsibility is to keep the key of the apartment unit’s door. If that key is lost or damaged, the excess charge of that is 5000HUF, which has to be paid by the Guest.
  • The Guest’s responsibility is the apartment unit, and the Guest has to close it with the key. For any damages caused by omission, the Accomodation is not responsible.
  • According to the fire-protection regulations, smoking and the use of naked light is PROHIBITED, fire alarms are installed in the area of the Accomodation.
  • Smoking is possible only in the designated smoking area.
  • It is not possible to take any furniture or equipment from the area of the apartment unit outside, or to the area of the Thermal Bath and Spa.
  • In case of any activity made by our Guest, that can be punished by fine, the Accomodation is authorized to devolute the total amount of the fine onto the wrongdoer Guest.
  • Any accidents or injuries must be reported at the reception, or to the manager of the Accomodation.
  • After 22:00, it is forbidden to make loud noises, or to disturb the other Guests’ rest.
  • For hygiene reasons, the Accomodation cannot house pets, not even for a fee.
  • Please place your waste in the waste containers in the area of the Accomodation.
  • Please use the Accomodation and its equipment as intended, accordingly to the hygienic norms.
  • The Guests must not enter the staff areas. For any damages or injuries, the Accomodation is not responsible.
  • For any injury of damage caused by the not intended use of the Accomodation or its equipment, the Accomodation is not responsible.
  • The Guest is obliged to compensate any damages caused.



  1. Extraordinary service termination, refusal
  • If the guest cannot fulfill the advance paying obligation until the given date, or does not settle the bill on the site;
  • If the Guest does not leave the accomodation until 10 AM ont he day of departure, and did not sign the need of late check-out;
  • If the Guest does not use the Accomodation or its equipment accordingly;
  • If the Guest is under influence of any drugs or alcohol, or does any action which disturbs the other Guests or the staff of the Accomodation;
  • If the Guest ignores the safety and fire regulations, putting the other Guests or the staff at danger;
  • If the Guest enters the Thermal Bath and Spa or uses its pools after its business hours;
  • If the Guest does not fulfill the rules inculded in the House Regulations

the Accomodation is authorized to refuse the services, and terminate it with immedate effect.

The Guest, by finalizing the reservation, has read and fully accepted the terms and regulations.

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